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Issues dating twin

Shares the author's experiences about the relationship of her husband with his twin brother. When they were together they seemed to merge into one complex yet cohesive personality.

His husband's attitude towards his brother; How its affects their own relationship; Her own relationship with her twin brother. They talked like hyper-bright little boys, each of them bringing equal heat and erudition to Stephen King and esoteric teachings, baseball, and the possibility of spiritual transformation.

Of course we felt guilty and ashamed, and we didn't dare tell anyone what we were doing.

He listed Journey to the Center of the Earth, Star Wars, seven other boy classics, and asked for Jeff's help thinking up a 10th.

But we never fell out of love with each other, so after graduation we moved in together and have been living very discreetly as a monogamous couple ever since.

I'm not writing to you to pass moral judgment on our relationship—we're at peace and very happy.

My mother, a psychologist, often wondered if twins have a harder time finding life partners because, essentially, they already have one. This passage from “Twins, who for many years have lived with someone who understood their moods and feelings and who may have intuitively known what they were thinking or what they would like to do, may feel disappointed and cheated if their new partner fails to live up to such standards.”This got me curious.

I didn’t think about this question much while I was growing up. So I reached out to my cousin, who is also a twin (yes, twins do seem to run in families, at least in ours) and also single, and asked if she ever felt this way. “I’ve gone from relationship to relationship, not really content.

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Jeff worked at a literary agency in Manhattan and loved boy fiction, thrillers, and horror novels, while Phil was overtly spiritual, editing a journal dedicated to the study of myth and tradition.

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