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Because we the K-drama addicts are so familiar with the oppa romance… Who’s dating or married to the oppa of their lives? Chances are, of course, but one would be hesitant to admit dreaming of living a fantactic lifestyle like they do and even celebrity dating.Join We all do at some point or another; some people think about the money celebrities earn, others dream about the clothes they get to wear in true Hollywood fashion, and the paparazzi that follow them.Anyone who has ever paged through the front half of a women's magazine can attest to the psychological power of learning that Saturn is in your financial house or that Mars, the energy planet, will be working for your sign until the end of the week.Suddenly everything makes sense: That's why you found a dollar bill on the street yesterday!Who could forget, try as they might, the reign of Bennifer and its progeny, producer books musical acts for the show.

What complicates things even further is that celebrities tend to date A LOT.

Before getting married and becoming a father to twins, the A-lister dabbled in dating a wide variety of women, from Michelle Pfeiffer’s sister Dedee to a Any major differences in lifestyle may contribute to conflicts—these can include disparities in socio-economics, political or religious beliefs.

A celebrity may exist in a rarified bubble that skews their worldview.

A couple's respective signs can make a huge difference in their comparability, and that is especially rings true in Hollywood (you know, where everything is super laid back and nothing ever gets in the way of a relationship).

To kick off the new year, and with an eye on the impending Valentine's Day holiday, E!

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), then you can’t blame people for being shocked when one of the parties involved is suddenly spotted getting snuggly with someone new.

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