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I guess I finally feel I’ve sort of found my feet, which is with a full hour of character comedy.In December I got a massive piece of paper out and all of my notebooks since I started then sifted through them to see who I loved, who I hated and who would fit.I wasn’t familiar with the ethics of blogging (or lack thereof) in terms of what someone can write about you — without fact-checking or sourcing or the other protections that journalists have in place.It was exasperating to have these random claims and judgments about me out there for anyone to read.And, as she admits in this most recent “Modern Love” column, she found it “oddly flattering.” When you’re a journalist, cataloging the words and actions of others, you believe you are granted a writer’s type of diplomatic immunity — inured to being written about, reported on and critiqued yourself.Well, that’s how it used to be, before the Internet.“Character comedian Maddy Anholt returns following five-star sell-outs at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Soho Theatre with a brand spanking new and hilarious hour that delves into her surreal and sparkly world of outlandish characters.As seen on BBC Two’s Sunny D and heard on Radio 4’s No Smoke.

She’s great at giving me some cold hard notes on what works, what doesn’t work and what to kill there and then and I really needed that.But complaining about it, as I discovered, only gave him more material: “About 10 p.m., I was wandering around when I saw the young female managing editor of The Jewish Journal, Amy Klein, dressed as a black cat. Amy said to him, while pointing at me, ‘This man is dangerous.I waved at her and she waved a reproving finger back: ‘Don’t write about me on your blog! He has this blog where he writes about people.’ ” Writers want to know that we’re reaching people, that the random letters we string together will form a bridge between us and others, enabling us to connect better with people who are actively part of our present and who may be part of our future.No matter how full your days as a single, if you live alone, there are still nights when the sound of your i Pod isn't enough to fill the silence. )I mean an animal that can be classified in the canine or feline families!When singles get lonely, some of them rush out and return with the first member of the opposite sex who doesn't smell like something stuck to a bathroom stall. Or, if you're more adventurous, a psittacid, leporid, or cyprinid.

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Amy Klein (who now writes the illustrated column “True Confessions of an Online Dating Addict“) was an editor at Los Angeles’ Jewish Journal when her stalker announced himself on his blog.

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