Gpp 3 updating help

Gpp 3 updating help

As no ships actually had this value set this will stop shots going all the way through ships to hit modules at the back - Remove spurious increased penetration distance from medium beam turrets - Railguns now have extreme penetration distance (will pierce to any module on any ship) - News ticker can now be clicked to jump to a particular news item - Unable to select system with mouse fixed - Landing gear speed limiter is now tied to the landing gear toggle rather than what the gears are actually doing - Prevent Hardpoints being told to fire when docked - Fix issues where the station doesn't retaliate when being shot - Edits to dirt and scratch maps to work with new white underpaint colour on Imperial ships - Co-pilot seat added to external view for Python - Fix for LAN connection issues (after conencting over lan, if both players had upnp enabled, it was switching back to wan connection) - Fix for problem where drones delivering cargo canisters belonging to another authority would scan for new targets and pick the same canister - Fix for NPC miner loadouts that are missing refineries - Fix for NPC pirate loadouts that are missing cargo scanners - Fix for merging islands in supercruise - changes in scanner range (due to acceleration) were not being handled correctly - Fix spawning fighters from capital ships - Make sure police escorts get police names, rather than random NPC names - Stop pirates from scanning target after they've pirated it - Miners check their refinery while mining and if it's destroyed they'll jump away - If NPC hull is below 20% when being spawned in supercruise don't try and interdict anybody - Removed some rogue geometry in Sidewinder cockpit that was resulting in a thin purple line in front of the camera - Fixes to police response: - update formulae for strength/delay calculation to match latest design numbers - investigation strength hard limited to calculated value, previously could go over rather than leave a remainder; reinforcement can still go over - don't try and respond to crime in supercruise - correctly set the limit on investigation ships to be the score of a viper, fixes only getting the lowest-scored ships for investigations - Don't allow NPCs to interdict if the target is charging their hyperspace drive - previously only blocked the interdiction during the actual countdown - When the lead of an NPC wing dies and a new NPC is chosen, re-run the code that choose their chatter table so that it uses the correct one - Request routing data from the server as soon as we receive a sync letter from an unknown machine - may fix some connection issues - Allow pirates with low hull to dock at non-anarchy stations - gives them something to do as they can't interdict - Add pirate threaten & cargo collection behaviour to the Pirate Hunter Hostile archetype, copied from standard Pirate archetype.They can now be pacified by dropping cargo, and will collect it - Fix potential cause of excessive number of escort NPCs if they had a different authority from the lead - Give AI wing members the same wanted/clean status as their lead, so the whole group will have the same status on spawning - Increased malfunction chances on dumbfire missiles as they were far too low - Made Viper hardpoint-cavities deeper to prevent the weapon clipping when retracting it - NPCs can interdict other NPCs - Fix combat bonds not disappearing from the transactions panel once they're redeemed - Fix outfitting screen giving inaccurate ranges for sensors, scanners, and ECM.

David said that the XBOX release will be on October 6th and so we can assume that the PC release will be on the 7th, so that is another 4 weeks until release. I'm hoping that it will be like that so it can get a good hammering, but the people who don't take part will not already be massively behind others when CQC gets officially released.The concept enables additional experts to be engaged on a contract basis to perform very specific tasks within well-defined timescales."Calls for Experts" are made from time to time in order to fill vacancies in new or existing Tasks - details of vacancies are posted on the 3GPP web site.Unlock sims can be only used with phones manufactured before January 26th, 2013.Thanks for another update, it's always good to see.

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Click on the CR find it in the CR table associated with the spec to which it pertains.

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