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I started with Carol Bartz, and left during Marissa Mayer's tenure.I'm not interested in debating why Yahoo couldn't turn around.This person believes that some of the execs are actually “trying to get fired” by Verizon should the deal close so they can walk with their big payday.The double trigger does not cover an employee fired for cause.It’s obvious a lot has changed among teens in recent years.For one, group dating is more popular than ever (not to be confused with double dating, this is when girls and boys hang out en masse, usually at a mall or a restaurant).The Great Debate" data-reactid="19"STORY: Should You Make Your Child Stop Sucking His Thumb?The Great Debate The answer depends on a variety of factors, including personality and maturity level.

(Photo: Corbis)No one ever said that dating in your 30s was going to be easy, and finding companionship on the free dating app Tinder is definitely no exception.

It’s yet another wrinkle in an already tumultuous merger because the double trigger may be acting like a reverse incentive.

Some execs on Mayer’s leadership team are apparently consulting with lawyers about what kinds of things would get them fired after the acquisition, according to another person close to the company.

When Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and her team negotiated the company’s .8 billion acquisition by Verizon, they tucked in a little something for themselves: a provision that could pour a lot of cash and stock into their own pockets. The provision is called a “double trigger.” Most companies offer their top execs a “single trigger” provision, which means they get a handsome payout if the company gets acquired.

A “double trigger” is when executives get a payout if they sell their company, and they are guaranteed a handsome severance plus large chunks of their unvested stock if they are quickly terminated by the acquired company after the deal closes. They are supposed to discourage the acquiring company from stiffing acquired employees out of upcoming stock payments by quickly dismissing them.

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I worked for the purple mothership from a satellite office in Denver consisting almost entirely of Yahoos brought in through the acquisition of Associated Content, where I worked from 2009–2010.

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