Validating xml file with xsd

I have the XML and XSD files in the same directory. however, when I use your code, I get this error in Visual Studio:"The ' element is not declared'".I have an file which I am trying to validate with an file. Now when I validate the file it gives me error "The element 'Account" has invalid child element 'Result". Account is of type tp Account which is declared in Or you could use this online tool and spend just a few seconds to do it automatically!!!By default, we've included several of the most popular XSD validators, including MSXML, Xerces, XSV, System.It can validate an XML document as it reads and parses the document.In this example, we demonstrate how to activate such validation.

then can any one please help me by providing me a code snippet for the same..

VS is now throwing an error up where I have the string in an int field (which is what I wanted), so thanks again!

xmlns:ns0=" Form Default="qualified" element Form Default="qualified"target Namespace=" have used the below perl script----------------------------------------------------use strict;use warnings;use XML:: SAX:: Parser Factory;use XML:: Validator:: Schema;my $xsd_file = ' Webservices.xsd';my $xml_file = ' Request Topics.xml';my $validator = XML:: Validator:: Schema- $validator);eval ;if ([email protected]) else -------------------------------------------------------------------------------But i got the below error even though the xml file is as per xsd file-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------could not find Parser in C:/Perl/site/lib/XML/SAXelement Form Default in must be 'unqualified', 'qualified' is notsupported.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Can any body help me in validating xml file wtih above specified xsd file.

The illustration validates an XML document that the user chooses, either or catelog1against the XML Schema document XML and others, in addition to the built-in Stylus Studio® XSD processor.

To add another validating XSD processor, click on the "New" button, and specify the command line arguments, initial directory, and path used to invoke the new XML processor and click OK.

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The validation process verify that an XML document is an instance of a specified XML schema file or XSD file.

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