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Afterwards, she drove me home, and I asked if she wanted to stay. Since then, I’ve always preferred dating older women.In my experience, older women tend to know what they want and aren’t as shy giving direction to a younger man.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer the HELL is going on in schenley park? The place where all the guys are milling around in their cars with the doors open? I've tried to waive a cop cars down---they wouldn't even stop. They just kept on driving instead of stopping to help me.I mean I KNOW what they are doing but why are the two cop cars sitting around the corner not breaking that kinda activity up? Are you talking about the homosexual activity in Schenley Park? I can only guess that they didn't want to get out of their airconditioned vehicle. I mean I was literally standing in front of their partrol car flagging them down.Making a wrong turn(in hindsight) in a beautiful park shouldn't put you at the meat market. It wouldn't be acceptable personally if it were all girls or a mix. I don't think the cops can break anything up if there is no reasonable cause. My advice is to take a walk and come back, you'll work it out when you're calmer." It was quite funny and nice : P I guess they see all kinds of people in all kinds of situations.Until those men walking/standing around by their cars show any type of indecent or illegal conduct, cops can't just be like "ok boys, theres too many of you in one place and NEAR cars in a public park! " I think it's just all guys out "cruising" other guys and if they want to hook up they just hop in their cars and go back to one or the other guys place. lol.yeah, in general I agree(about people wanting to enjoy casual relations) but it's blatant it's unsightly.” I was in a euphoric daze that would later slip into a nap. First love: I met my first love at a college event where I was working security.

I am very oral and love the taste of a womans pussy.

Love is great, but also can be awkward and uncomfortable at times. What better way to find out than to ask some Pittsburghers which was better — your first time, or your first time with your first love?

is co-host of Drinking Partners, a popular craft-beer-themed podcast. I had only experienced mouth cuddles in high school. She had one of the few single bedrooms on the whole campus, so no worries about roommates walking in.

Some of the things I am into include shopping (ebay is the devil) and collecting dolls.

I suppose I will not find a guy who shares my interests, that ... I can seduce you and turn you into an animal in seconds!!

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tnjen seeking hookups in Clairton 55 years old single woman “A very classy unique lady, emphasising lady.” I am a nurse, 46 years old, caucasion. I am 5'10", medium build, maybe one or two extra pounds, but not obese.

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